Ever Wonder How The Genesis Center

Began and Continues to Exist and Serve?

All Thanks to GOD! "All Things Come From You Lord

And To Our Volunteers, Donors and Partners.

The Margaret L. Wendt Foundation

Philanthropist Margaret L. Wendt was the daughter of William and Mary Geis Wendt. Her father was one of the founders of the Buffalo Forge Company.  In 1957, the Margaret L. Wendt Foundation was created for charitable purposes. To this day, the Foundation, in Margaret’s name, continues to help organizations across our area.

St. Simon's Episcopal Church

St. Simon's Episcopal Church purchased the old bar on Seneca St. for about $35,000 at auction. This effort was the brainchild of mainly two parishioners. Both prefer to remain anonymous. Finally a grant was secured from "The Margaret L. Wendt Foundation". Later a grant was awarded by The Episcopal Diocese of WNY.

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Orchard Park

St. Mark's parishioners regularly collects food for us and periodically donates a portion of their outreach funds.

People Inc.

What fun people. Disabilities... Yes. But that doesn't stop them from wanting to help a neighbor. They always bring us fresh baked goods right from their kitchen. They brighten our days and are good examples for all of us.

St. Teresa's R.C. Church

We can always count on St. Teresa's and their parishioners for donations of anything from food, gifts for families at Christmas time, and not to forget Rev. James B. Cunningham, Pastor, for blankets many of which he makes himself.

Grace Lutheran Church

Thank you to our extended family at Grace Church. It is so nice for the two way support we share, and we thank you!

St. John Vianney R.C. Church

Thank you Fr. Bob and parishioners for your food donations to the Genesis Center. we thank you!

Wegman’s Markets

The goodies from Wegman's are real treats for our guests of the food pantry. Everyone loves the fresh fruits, cakes, pies, and specialty deserts. The Wegman's tables at the center is a real favorite.

Northridge Nursery

If it were not for Northridge Nursery, we would not have beautiful plants on Seneca St. in spring and summer. Thank you for your gifts of beauty.

Eileen’s Centerview Bakery

We are so proud to serve your sweets and donuts at out soup kitchen meals. The folks love them. They always ask where they come from, and we are always happy to share your name.

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The Episcopal Diocese of WNY

The support of The Episcopal Diocese of WNY under the direction of Bishop William R. Franklin has granted us funding to help us through our first year of operation. Their support also spilled over by touting our efforts to many other churches as an example of what can be done through faith in Christ.

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's aside from financial contribution has invited us to speak during a Sunday service to explain to their community what The Genesis Center does for God's children.

Thank you for your support.

Caz Church

Thank you to our extended family at Caz Church. We are blessed that we can share the two way support.

I am sure God is happy! And we thank you all.

Orchard Park Presbyterian Church

Orchard Park Presbyterian Church periodically donates a portion of their outreach funds.eph S. Heary, Executive Director, and Marty Bensch have offered their services to help provide Wednesday Evening meals. Beautifully prepared and served hot right to the tables like in a restaurant.

St. Ambrose / Holy Family R.C. Church

Thank you for all the wonderful furnishings. It's nice to show off some of your history here at The Genesis Center.

The awesome large wooden bookshelves from your school now holds our literacy library and books for anyone to take. The long comfortable modern pews now seat people every week while they wait their turn in the pantry and share stories.

Tops Food Markets

Thank you to all our friends at our Tops on Seneca St. in South Buffalo and Orchard Park. The bakery items and breads are favorites with our guests. Plus all the other items that are packed up for us from time to time. Thank you all!

Zittel's Country Market

Boy, oh boy! What a treat when it's harvest time. Zittel's has 100's of pounds of beautiful fresh vegetables delivered to our back door. Thanks to Paul and Earl for taking the time and effort to pick and deliver to the pantries in our area. We are able to supply our clients with all kinds of country fresh vegetables.

St. David’s Episcopal Church

St. David's their parishioners, and food pantry are always in collecting food for us so we can distribute in our South Buffalo area. 

Paula's Donuts

Established in 1996, Paula's Donuts® is a family owned and operated business. The folks love them. They always ask where they come from, and we are always happy to share your name.

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